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Workflow Analysis

Because every county is unique, one of the first steps the Fidlar Technologies team will undergo prior to a county being trained on the new system will be to perform a complete Workflow Analysis of the current methods and practices in the county office. This analysis provides valuable information to the implementation team to help them understand the county's current processes for managing records. During the analysis, possible opportunities are identified to streamline the workflow and to build greater efficiency into the office procedures. When the study is complete, a report is written that details the findings of the analysis. This report is carefully reviewed with the appropriate county officials. The goal in all of this is to partner with our customers in providing for a smooth transition to the new system. Additionally, productivity expectations are discussed following the analysis that will provide the county with the opportunity to measure the success of the project after the live date.

The implementation team will also develop the training program and schedule based on information discovered during the workflow study. This program will be tailored very specifically to the staff, taking into account the number of staff needing to be trained, the proficiency of each staff member and the scheduling needs of the office.

Information identified during the workflow analysis will also be utilized to set up the county's Fee and Fund configurations, to format various indexing fields, and to configure the document stamp(s) and receipt(s).