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The success of any software solution begins with a solid platform of the right hardware and networking. At Fidlar Technologies, we have a proven record for designing and building technology platforms. Whether we handle the entire system configuration and installation or we partner with the county IT staff, our planning and execution ensures an effective and efficient install.

The necessary hardware will be ordered shortly after the kickoff meeting according to the specifications listed in the contract. Fidlar is equipped to either assist an office in the ordering of the hardware or to order the hardware through our own purchasing department. The server(s) can be shipped either to our office for the installation of the server software, or, with a high-speed remote connection, we can accomplish the installation remotely if desired. Workstations and other hardware (scanner, receipt printers, etc.) are typically shipped directly to the county office. The training workstations are usually set up, and the software installed on them, before the first training trip. Installation of the other workstations can be done remotely or during the first or second trip to the county site. The physical setup of the servers, workstations and other hardware can be performed by the Fidlar Technologies team or by the county IT staff, according to the terms of the contract. The same is true for the loading of the operating systems and other third party software (SQL, Crystal Reports, etc.).

Once the server(s) is set up, the configuration of the fees and funds for receipting is designed, well before the first training trip. Other program configurations (required fields for indexing, PIN formatting, etc.) are also designed during the preparation stage leading up to this first training trip. Much of the information needed to perform these configurations is gathered during the workflow analysis and subsequent calls to the county office. Our goal in this process is to provide our customers with a system that is ready to go by the live date.