The Fidlar Technologies conversion specialists have performed hundreds of conversions to our land records and vital statistics programs from a number of different legacy systems. Our experiences have taught us a great deal about what our customers are looking for in a conversion. With this knowledge, in addition to a direct index and image conversion, our conversionists will typically do a great deal of data enhancement during the conversion process. For example, the services listed below will often add significant value to a customer's office:

  • An office may wish to change certain document types or rename some of their subdivisions. A conversion is the perfect time to do this.
  • Removing abbreviations from party names is another service that may be of benefit to an office.
  • Another available enhancement is the splitting of Party names from a single field to Last, First, Middle and Suffix fields. A split like this will greatly increase document searching capabilities.
  • The mining of information from free form notes fields is another valuable service offered.
  • A conversion is a good time to clean up such data as "bad" dates and times, misspellings and inaccurate currency amounts.

The Conversion Process

Permanent data (Document Types, Subdivisions, Customers) is typically converted before a customer's first training session. This converted permanent data will be imported into an empty database. During the first training trip, the staff is trained on this database. At the end of the final day on the current system, a conversion specialist will clean out the practice data so that on the live date, the staff can begin entering data into iDocument XF only. In some cases, the current data and images will be converted into the new system the evening before the live date. In other cases, this conversion may take anywhere from a few days up to a month or so. This is determined by the extent of the data, if data enhancements will be performed and various decisions made between an office and the Fidlar systems consultant.

Many validity checks are performed on the converted data to ensure an accurate conversion has been performed. Exception reports are run and given to the customer to provide them with a list of documents that may need to be "cleaned up." Throughout the entire conversion process, the Fidlar Technologies conversion specialist will work very closely with the customer's office to minimize the exceptions and to ensure a very accurate conversion.