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Company Values

Fidlar Technologies continually strives to create an environment focused on our clients' experience and success.

The foundation of our environment is based on creativity, teamwork, and empowerment.

Creativity is core to our ability to exceed our clients' expectations. We encourage our team members to look at opportunities from as many directions as possible, to involve our clients and fellow team members in the brainstorming sessions, and to reach outside of our organization for feedback and options that ultimately leads to products and services that work - and deliver value each and every day.

Teamwork is the backbone of our culture. Any issue, any opportunity, any decision is everybody's job and responsibility. We never say 'that's not my job' to each other, we always see team members from all areas of the company coming together to meet an objective. We all understand we have something to contribute and because of that passion - our greatest achievement, every day, is our clients' success.

Empowerment is granted to and earned by each of our team members -- we encourage everyone to make the decisions that need to be made AT THE TIME they need to be made to help us make the best use of technology, the best use of our clients' precious time and ours, to create and deploy solutions that improve efficiency, effectiveness, service, and information integrity in each of our clients' offices.

From day one - we ask our team members to be stakeholders in our organization.

A Fidlar stakeholder is:

  • Someone who is a contributing member of our team.
  • Someone who cares about their own success.
  • Someone who cares about the success of their fellow team members.
  • Someone who cares about the success of our company.
  • Someone who exceeds the needs and expectations of each of our clients.
  • Someone who embraces innovation.